How do we make flying so much less expensive? We are one of the few organizations utilizing cooperative principles and mobile flight simulation. Most flight schools make money by renting aircraft and marking up flight instruction. We help maximize technology, utilize in home training, and follow cooperative principles.

Why don’t other flight schools utilize mobile simulation? The biggest reason is because flight instructors aren’t building flight time while utilizing this method and making money on rental of aircraft decreases.

Why don’t high schools, colleges, or other flight schools teach aviator skills? Flight schools don’t teach these skills because flight instructors are not taught these principles, nor do they use specialized simulators and training materials because there’s not as much money to be made. Studies have shown that pilots who possess aviator skills are also highly successful in athletics, business, and many other aspects of life.

What is the difference between a pilot and an aviator? It’s very similar to the difference between knowledge and wisdom. A pilot may have knowledge on how to fly an airplane, but lack the wisdom (aviator skills)to properly apply that knowledge. Pilots will use their superior piloting to try and get out of trouble. An aviator uses his wisdom (aviator skills) to avoid the situation.

Why do many individuals take aviator training and not become pilots? The same principles used by highly successful people are taught and reinforced through focused simulator training. Aviator training is designed to teach pilots and non-pilots the skills to become successful in any career or venture through hands-on targeted simulator training. For example, if a person wants to become a better athlete, we have designed a targeted program to maximize their performance.