Aviator Skills For Everyone

Learn To Fly

LetsFly was established in 1999 to make flying affordable and teach aviator skills that have helped thousands become highly successful in life and in aviation. We are the oldest and largest aviation cooperative in the country. Discover the skills of an aviator and learn how the cost of flying can literally be cut in half.


Mobile Aviator Training From Home

  • Gain a valuable skill and initial pilots license for less than the cost of piano lessons
  • Our program is designed to transfer proven skills of success to any venture in life
  • Initial pilots license & aviator training $1850
  • Ask about our young aviator program. (kids 8-14 can learn for free)
  • Are you a pilot already? Ask about our transition program from pilot to aviator

Take A Discovery lesson today

Help us teach kids a valuable skill, get them off the streets, out of traffickers hands, and living a successful life. Take a $98 discovery lesson today or pay it forward by clicking on the link below. 100% of all discovery lessons and donations go towards helping kids learn valuable skills.

Pay It Forward: https://donor.ourrescue.org/-/NFKQQGLY?member=SVGXNTVT

Contact us at: letsflycoop@gmail.com or text us at 435-666-4950