About Us

LetsFly was started in 1999 for the purpose of teaching aviator skills and to make learning to fly affordable. We have since become the oldest and largest aviation Cooperative in the country. Hundreds of cooperatives have been established and thousands of pilots and non-pilots have become highly successful in and out of aviation through the application of aviator skills training.

Who: A dedicated group of aircraft owners, flying clubs, aviation specialists, and flight schools that utilize the cooperative tools from LetsFly. We are the leading authority on economical ownership, flight time and mobile aviator training.

What:The LetsFly Cooperative system is a hybrid business model patterned after other successful cooperatives and real estate principles.

When: Our team was put together in 1999 to help with every facet of aircraft ownership, flight training, and acquiring aviator skills.    

Where: The LetsFly cooperative share program is taught and used worldwide.  

Why: LetsFly was formed for the purpose of teaching aviator skills and to make flying affordable through cooperative efforts.